Anti Aging - before and after

Thanks to the micro-massage with Icoone, youth is restored to the face: this anti-aging treatment improves tissue oxygenation and connective cell activity, aiding in reducing wrinkles and visibly rejuvenating the skin on the face and neck.

With 5-10 sessions, which can also be performed daily due to the gentle Icoone stimulation, you can effectively regenerate connective tissue to provide new support to the skin and make it smoother. Skin quality improves, fine lines appear, and even the deepest wrinkles diminish. The skin on the face and neck becomes firmer and more compact, with sharper contours and a younger expression.

Case 1

Woman, 72 years old
Goal: regenerate the tissues, reduce neck wrinkles
No. of treatments: 5
Duration: 20 min
Frequency: every day

Case 2

Woman, 67 years old
Goal: improve skin quality, regenerate the face, reduce deep wrinkles and frown lines
No. of treatments: 10
Duration: 30’
Frequency: once a week