Cellulite - before and after

The effect is literally tangible: just a few, sometimes very few, sessions of icoone are enough to see a clear and evident effect on cellulite, even the most resistant and long-standing cellulite of women who are no longer very young.

The icoone cellulite treatments, being completely natural and extremely gentle on the skin, can be performed without limits of time or frequency: starting from a minimum of 20 minutes with the basic program for the body, to which 10 minutes are added for each focus on specific areas to be treated. Cycles of twice weekly or three weekly sessions are usually foreseen, but there is nothing to prevent you from undergoing the treatment every day, for a super-fast result. In fact, thanks to the possibility of personalizing the treatments as much as possible, choosing from the numerous programs offered by icoone, you can achieve long-lasting results in a very short time: the appearance and tone of the skin improve, cellulite is reduced in an evident way and you can lose inches thanks to the drainage of liquids.


Case 1

Woman, 53 years old
Goal: reduce cellulite, improve skin quality and tone.
No. of treatments: 10
Duration: 40 minutes
Frequency: every day

Case 2

Woman, 29 years old
Goal: remodel, reduce cellulite
No. of treatments: 5
Duration: 40’
Frequency: every day
Results: -3 cm